Xbox Stellar HD+ Installation Service

  • $100.00
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Installation Service of the Xbox Stellar HD+ Upgrade Kit.  We do not provide or sell the Xbox Stellar or Stellar HD+ Kit, but it can be purchased through

How does this work?

Start by purchasing the services you want and then we will send you packing/shipping instructions to send your working Original Xbox Console and Xbox HD+ Kit to us here at Pink Skeleton Gaming. Currently, our turn around time is 1-2 weeks after receiving your console, as we are currently experiencing a high volume of installations!


  • After receiving your console, we will start by thoroughly cleaning and testing your console.
  • Next, we will perform all installations/services you requested.
  • Followed by extensive testing of all services installed.
  • Finally, we will carefully pack and ship your console back to you via USPS Insured Priority Mail Shipping.


Services Available:


Standard installation ($100)

Your Xbox console will receive a thorough cleaning and have the Xbox HD+ kit installed.  


Stellar/ Open Xenium Chip Install (+$50)  *Highly Recommended*

Your Provided Open Xenium Chip will be installed.  This option is highly recommended for enabling the full feature set of the Xbox HDMI+ Kit through the associated application.


Full Console Recap (+$80)

The capacitors in these consoles are often prone to failing after all of these years, and it is often recommended to replace them at this point.  With this option we will replace all SMD Capacitors and Electrolytic Capacitors in your Console and Internal Power Supply with brand new High-Quality ones from Console5! This will keep your console running great into the future!


Clock Capacitor Replacement ONLY (+$25)

Early revision Xbox's use a single capacitor associated with clock setting storage and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be replaced, as they are prone to failure, leakage and damage to the motherboard.  Select this option if you would like to replace this cap ONLY.