Refurbished Charcoal Grey N64 with Advanced RGB

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This Charcoal Grey N64 has been refurbished and customized with an N64 Advanced RGB board and the following modifications have been performed:

  • Advanced RGB Installed
  • Composite Sync enabled for HDRetrovision Cables
  • Transparent Region Free Cartridge Slot Installed
  • New Capacitors on Mainboard and Original PSU
  • RGB Power LED
  • Cartridge Port Cleaned with Deoxit


All internals are in great condition and have been thoroughly cleaned inside and out, please check out the photos to see exact condition of the shell!  As with every console we offer here at PSG, this console has been carefully modified, extensively tested and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If any issues arise with the console we will remedy them to keep you gaming on this N64.


Console includes:

  • Original Recapped Power Supply

Does NOT include:

  • Any Controllers