Front Loader NES with RGB Installed

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RGB Equipped Front Loader NES using Nintendo Multi-out with the following upgrades:
  • Tim Worthington's NESRGB Installed
  • Multi-out Installed using Laser Bear's Design and Voultar's Ribbon Cable
  • Palette Switch Installed under Cartridge Slot Door
  • Fully Recapped Mainboard and PSU
  • RGB Power LED
  • All Components and Shell thoroughly cleaned
  • Cartridge Port Cleaned and polished


This highly modified Front Loader NES is in great condition inside and out, but please note that there is some slight discoloration on the top shell.  Nothing extensive and definitely a console that I would be happy to have in my own collection.

As with every console we offer here at PSG, this console has been carefully modified, extensively tested and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If any issues arise with the console we will remedy them to keep you gaming on this NES.


Console includes:

  • Original Power Supply

Does NOT include:

  • Any Controllers
  • RGB Cable