Pikachu N64 with Ultra HDMI HW2

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Up for sale is this gorgeous Pikachu N64 which has the following upgrades and enhancements installed:


  • Ultra HDMI HW2 kit- Analog RGB and HDMI output
  • No-Cut bracket in Pikachu Yellow
  • Region Free Cartridge Slot in Pikachu Yellow
  • Fully Recapped Console and Original Power Supply
  • Blue Original Controller with Refurbished Original Analog Stick
  • Cartridge Slot Cleaned with Deoxit


The entire console, PSU and controller have been thoroughly cleaned and protected with plastic protectant, along with all of the internals, including the cartridge slot.  As with every console we offer here at PSG, this console has been carefully modified, extensively tested and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If any issues arise with the console we will remedy them to keep you gaming on this tricked out PS1.

 NOTE:  Please take a look at the photo of the expansion pak door, there is a small crack that should be pointed out; nothing major but a small imperfection nonetheless.

Console includes:

  • Original PSU
  • Original Blue Controller
  • Original Cartridge Slot
  • Bottom Shielding
  • Original AV Port cover

Does NOT include:

  • Any Games
  • HDMI Cable