Virtual Boy Ribbon Cable Lens Fix

Virtual Boy Ribbon Cable Lens Fix

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How does this work?

Start by purchasing the services you want and then we will send you packing/shipping instructions to send your Virtual Boy to us here at Pink Skeleton Gaming. Currently, our turn around time is 1-2 weeks after receiving your console, as we are currently experiencing a high volume of installations!


  • After receiving your console, we will start by thoroughly cleaning and testing your console.
  • Next, we will perform all installations/services you requested.
  • Followed by extensive testing of all services installed.
  • Finally, we will carefully pack and ship your console back to you via USPS Insured Priority Mail Shipping.


Does your Virtual Boy have lines or no display at all on one or both lenses?  This service repairs the existing ribbon cables that were poorly designed from the factory and only glued in place.  Using the original cables, they are soldered in place to provide a permanent fix!


Services Available: 


Lens Fix Only ($80)


Full Recap (+$30)