PS2 Digital / Retro GEM Install

  • $115.00
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Installation Service of the PS2 Digital / Retro GEM Kit.  We do not provide or sell the kit, and it must be purchased elsewhere and provided by you.

How does this work?

Start by purchasing the services you want and then we will send you packing/shipping instructions to send your working Playstation 1 Console and PS1Digital / Retro GEM Kit to us here at Pink Skeleton Gaming. Normally, our turn around time is 1-2 weeks after receiving your console, as we are currently experiencing a high volume of installation orders


  • After receiving your console, we will start by thoroughly cleaning and testing your console.
  • Next, we will perform all installations/services you requested.
  • Followed by extensive testing of all services installed.
  • Finally, we will carefully pack and ship your console back to you via USPS Insured Priority Mail Shipping.

NOTE: The PS2 Digital / Retro GEM is only compatible with certain models of Fat and Slim PS2 Consoles, please refer to PixelFX’s website for specific details!


Services Available:


Base Installation ($115)

Your Playstation console will receive a thorough cleaning and have the PS2 Digital / Retro GEM kit that you provide installed.  Please note, on Fat consoles the SPDIF port will be removed to accommodate the mini hdmi port and Slim consoles will have a cut for the mini hdmi port!