Ultra HDMI Install

  • $100.00
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Installation Service of the Ultra HDMI only.  We do not provide or sell the Ultra HDMI Kit, but it can be purchased through Game-Tech.us

How does this work?

Start by purchasing the services you 
want and then we will send you packing/shipping instructions to send your working N64 Console and Ultra HDMI Kit to us here at Pink Skeleton Gaming. Normally, our turn around time is 1-2 weeks after receiving your console, as we are currently experiencing a high volume of installations!

  •  After receiving your console, we will start by thoroughly cleaning and testing your console.
  • Next, we will perform all installations/services you requested.
  • Followed by extensive testing of all services installed.
  • Finally, we will carefully pack and ship your console back to you via USPS Insured Priority Mail Shipping.

Services Available:

Standard installation ($100)

Your N64 console will receive a thorough cleaning and have the Ultra-HDMI kit installed.  Please note that this means your console will have a small hole cut into the shell to accommodate the Mini HDMI port.  (There is a No-Cut option available as well)

Full Recap (+$45)

The capacitors in these consoles are often prone to failing after all these years, and it is highly recommended to replace them at this point.  With this option we will replace all Electrolytic Capacitors with brand new High-Quality ones from Console5!  This is highly recommended to keep your console running great for a long time!

No-Cut Option (+$30)

We offer a No-Cut option for installing the Ultra HDMI kit in your N64 console. This part was designed and created by Greg Collins "collingall" of Laser Bear Industries.  The great thing about it is that it’s completely reversible! The way it works is, we will remove the AV port cover/bottom shielding and add two 3D Printed parts to house the HDMI kit. The parts that were removed will be sent back with your console if you ever decide to reverse the modifications.  There are many color options available, so just let us know which color you would like!


LED Swap (+$10)

This option adds some customization to your console that makes it stand out from the others! You can swap out the original Orange LED with one of any color! Just let us know which color you’d like after completing your purchase!  The color choices are : Red, Green, Blue, Which, Yellow , RGB or Purple/UV!

Region Free Option (+$20)

Choose this option if you want to play N64 games from any region.  For this, we replace the internal cartridge slot with a 3D printed one that accepts any region cartridge. Of course, the old one is shipped back to you in case you decide to revert back to stock!