Upgraded Dreamcast with DCDigital and GDEMU

  • $650.00
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This VA1 Dreamcast is in beautiful shape and has been tricked out with loads of customizations!  Console includes the follow upgrades and customizations:


  • Genuine DCDigital Kit Installed with Current Firmware Installed
  • GDEMU v5.15b
  • White GDEMU Mount with Res Swirl Button
  • RGB Power LED
  • Nocuta Fan with Red Mounting Bracket
  • Socketed Rechargeable ML2032 Battery
  • Resettable Controller Port Fuse
  • New Capacitors on Mainboard, PSU and Controller Board


As with every console we offer here at PSG, this console has been carefully modified, extensively tested and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If any issues arise with the console we will remedy them to keep you gaming on this beautiful Dreamcast.


Does NOT include:

  • Mini HDMI Cable
  • SD Card
  • Any Controllers
  • Power cable